Summer Photo Quotes

When you think of summer, what pops into your mind? Images of pools, sandy beaches, kite flying, and flowers frolic around mine.

Summer is a season that screams new beginnings. While school is out, the opportunities for learning are abundant. What better way to motivate your kids than with some fun summer photo quotes?

I found some great summer photographs from Microsoft Office Images. It’s fantastic if you can take your own photos, but it’s not necessary for this fun activity.

After selecting the perfect photos, I headed over to PicMonkey to add fun effects and inspirational quotes that will get your kids believing that they can achieve anything.

Summer Kite Quote

Summer Flower Growth Quote

Summer Sandcastle Learning Quote

Summer No Fear Quote

I encourage you to help your kids come up with their own inspirational quotes. Their own words will prove the most powerful to them.

Also, get creative with how you use their summer photo quotes. Once you print, you can put them in frames and hang on your child’s wall so it’s the first and last thing they see when they go to sleep. You can paste them on notebooks and have your kids write all of their goals for the summer, or new things they experienced. Have them not only write what they experienced, but how it made them feel. It’s all about empowerment! If your child believes it, he or she can achieve it!


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