The FNIC Image Library: A Food and Nutrition Education Resource

In addition to photography, I’m very passionate about nutrition education. The childhood obesity statistics in the United States are alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the childhood obesity rate has tripled, affecting 17% of children and adolescents.

This problem is one of the forefront issues being addressed today, and there are many resources out there that can be utilized to help educate children and families on proper nutrition.

One great resource that educators and parents can use is the Food and Nutrition Information Center’s (FNIC) image library. The FNIC is a global resource that exists under the USDA’s National Agriculture Library.

There are many galleries of images to choose from. I really like the NCI Images Online Food Images gallery. There is a wide variety of photographs to choose from, and many feature individual food items, as well as people engaging in food preparation and family dining.



You could use the images to create a game that matches the food item to the proper food group.

The images could be used by students to create a visual food journal that could be later be analyzed by their peers.

Students could use the images to publish their own newsletter or multimedia presentation that educates their school community on proper nutrition.

The possibilities are endless. Get creative and use what’s available to you, like this great resource, to make a positive impact.


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