Lights, Camera, Color!

Boy, do I wish I was a kid again!

Crayola has THE coolest coloring tool on its web site.

Lights, Camera, Color! lets you upload any photo of your choosing and it will turn it into a coloring page for you.

But wait! There’s more!

Before you print out your coloring page, you can add cool effects, like a new background or a different hairstyle. Here, let me show you!

First, select the version that you wish to use. I chose the original version, but you can also choose themed versions, like Disney Princess or Toy Story 3.

*If you choose a themed version, you will need a code from a specially marked Crayola product.


Next, create an account with Crayola (so you can save your images). Don’t worry, you only need to verify your age, provide an email address, and create a username and password. That’s it.

Choose a photo that you want to turn into a coloring page. I’m a DC native, so I have a soft spot for the giant pandas at the National Zoo. Remember the National Geographic photo gallery I was telling you about? Well, I found this adorable photo of Tai Shan (before he was sent to live in China) that I just had to pick. (You can also upload a photo that you took yourself!)

National Geographic Panda Photo


Once you upload a photo, the Crayola robot will work his magic and drain the color from your photo and turn it into a coloring page! You can choose the “Power Level” of which to drain the color from your photo. I chose Power Level 4.


Finally, you have the option to add special effects, as well as save and print.


The only downside is that in order to add special effects and print, you need a code from a specially marked Crayola product. This is the only negative aspect of using this tool in my opinion.

I chose not to add any special effects (I liked Tai Shan as he is in the photo). Once I printed, I got to work coloring my photo!

Ta da!

panda coloring page

How lovely is that?!

Ok, ok, maybe I need to brush up on my coloring skills, but hey, not a bad effort!

While I may not be able to see Tai Shan in person anymore, I can be reminded of him through my new piece of personalized art work!

Time to go find a perfect place to hang this masterpiece! :)


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