The Bird and the Worm

I came across the International Center of Photography’s web site and discovered that it has an extremely impressive Teacher Resources section. If you’re looking for lesson ideas that involve photography, this is a great starting point.

One of the lessons centers around teaching point of view. It asks children to look for different objects, like a flower, reflection, and person, and photograph each from different points of view.


a bird’s point of view (looking down on the object)


a worm’s point of view (looking eye level or up at the object)

bird and worm


The end goal is to teach children to look at the same scene or object in new ways.

This got me thinking. Why not use this activity to also teach acceptance?

Teachers could display the printed photos and ask each child to compare the bird’s eye vs. the worm’s eye photographs. Obviously there will be differences. The teacher can point out that while we see differences in the photographs, we see commonalities as well.

While the bird’s eye view of a flower shows a different perspective than a worm’s eye view of a flower, it’s still a flower. There’s a similarity.

Children learn that although we look at things in different ways and have differences among ourselves, we are all human beings and deserve to be looked at the same way. We are all equal.

I think this is a great way to expand upon this lesson on perspective. Whether a bird or a worm, we all have a place in this world. We should all be accepted.


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