National Geographic Photo Fun

It’s a well known fact that National Geographic is known for their world renowned photography.

What I didn’t realize is how impressive their effort is for photography education for kids.

Wow! I’m an even bigger fan now!

While browsing the Nat Geo web site, I found a huge selection of photo activities for children. Not only can kids get in on the fun, but so can teachers and parents.

There is a HUGE gallery of photographs and images. There are multiple categories, including Arctic animals, hurricanes, tropical rainforests, and women pioneers. This is just a very small sampling.

Nat Geo Photo Categories for Kids


Once you click on a category, you can browse through the photo set. There is also related content listed below the photos, which includes other photos, activities, and lesson plans associated with the particular theme. Teachers, this is a go-to spot for your photo needs!

What I also found extremely clever is that kids can upload their own photos to a special place on the Nat Geo web site called My Shot.

With parent permission, kids can upload their own photos, rate and comment on other photos, write captions, and learn about photography while focusing on the environment. All of the details are listed on the FAQ page.

Nat Geo My Shot


I absolutely love this. I see so many learning opportunities here. Kids can strenghthen their critical thinking skills, learn to interact well with others, learn about the environment and photography. What a great way for parents to interact with their children as well.

National Geographic also gets a standing ovation for their Photography for Kids: Tips From the Pros page. Three professional photographers offer their tips for taking that perfect shot. Patience, creativity, not giving up, and “thinking before clicking” are some of the techniques emphasized – things that can be applied not only to photography but life in general.


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