Create Text Clouds with Wordle

Looking for a unique way to bring important vocabulary words or lesson terms to life?

Try Wordle!

Wordle is an online tool that allows you to create word clouds from text that you provide. Some words will appear larger and bolder than others depending how many times they appear in the text that you enter.

You can change the color scheme, the layout and design of each Wordle creation!

This could be a really inventive tool for teaching any subject. Anatomy, history, Spanish, math…the possibilites are endless!

You have full control over what you do with your Wordle creations!

Please note: Users may publish any Wordle creations that they choose on the web site, so just exercise caution if you allow your students to create their own Wordles on the web site (depending on the age of the students you are working with). You can have your school network administrator block these URLs to allow for safe classroom use.

I didn’t see anything offensive, but new Wordles are uploaded on a regular basis, so I can’t be held responsible for anything you may find on the web site.

Let’s get started:

1. Enter the text you wish to use to create your Wordle.

You can enter custom text (like I did here with musical instruments), or you can enter a URL of a web site or blog to pull the text from.


2. Customize your Wordle. Select the language, font, layout, and color of your choosing.


3. Print your Wordle (instructions for saving as a PDF).

4. Use your Wordle as you wish!

Check out some of the featured creations below. Then get to work creating your own Wordles with your students!






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